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In speaking of the origins of her company, Janine explains…

The word Emergent is resonant with meaning for me. It emerged. Googling it revealed the fascinating and significant information that it was a noun, meaning:

A huge tree in a forest of tall trees, but one that grows higher than the surrounding canopy.

Thus, an Emergent breaks through to have an overview; it develops and transforms into something better; it is the process of coming into being.

Instantly, I recognised the symbolic force of the word, for myself and for others.

A seedling on the floor of a rain forest is constricted by all the growth around and above it, and all too often, our lives are similarly restricted. Often, our perception is so dimmed that we cannot even see the truth of our own reality; understand or visualise our own potential. And so, we fail to fulfil our purpose. It is not until obstacles are sensitively identified and effectively cleared away, that the beam of understanding can finally set us free to reach, develop and emerge.

This idea was obviously weighted with meaning even with profound importance. And it was all sparked off by the discovery of those three short syllables: EMERGENT.

Additionally, having lived and worked overseas for many years, I, myself, have emerged as a citizen of the Globe, as well as of Australia. My unique combination of experiences here, in Europe and in the Middle East, have equipped me with a wide perception, an open embracing of challenges, and a broad understanding of the wonderful diversity of individuals and their separate existences. I care deeply about those with whom I interact and desire to support them fully, as they witness for themselves the joys and successes that arise from commitment to experiences of transformation.

With my vast experience in the Learning & Development space, and together utilising my skills in Project and Change Management, Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence®, I visualised my business as an emergent tree, reaching down enabling branches and spreading out a network of supportive roots.

And so was born Emergent International.

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