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Our Vision

Emergent International leads with a coaching mindset.

We build ethical partnerships that inspire positive change and believe that growth is accelerated through coaching. Founded on Emotional and Conversational Intelligence®, our coaching is underpinned by neuroscience. Becoming aware of the way the brain is processing an aim, an interaction or a situation and then labeling the response, can sometimes clarify events and relationships so that transformation can occur very rapidly. Some leaders and individuals may need to be gently brought to an understanding that they, themselves, need to embrace the need for change, to alter their approach and then work with others to manifest the required transformation in themselves, in their colleagues, their methods or their product.

Emergent International challenges the norm, stretches thinking and builds capability.

We draw on our diverse international experience and human-centred design theory to empower you, your team and even your whole organisation to identify pathways for growth, challenge and transform key attitudes and behaviours in order to unlock your highest potential. With so many disruptors in the business landscape, it’s important to be at the frontier of change and innovation. We support and encourage our clients to engage with and adopt those disruptions, to “get amongst it”, to leverage them and watch their capability emerge. We love to see you succeed!

Emergent International is results driven.

Clients working with Emergent International are taken on a journey of personal expansion, empowering them to clarify and achieve their goals, so as to fulfill previously unimagined potential. While intelligence and experience inevitably count towards success, Emergent International assists companies, leaders and individuals to take the crucial steps in navigating their internal compass – identifying who they are, their WHY, and digging deep into their values and their beliefs about where they are meant to be. Supporting them with the right tools to further emerge from within; ensuring leadership is anchored in connectedness and thus building strong, sustainable organisations that are future-proof.

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